Public Freakout caught on camera and it's pretty bad

Here's another one of those public freakouts caught on camera and this one is pretty bad. It doesn't compare to the infamous Gamestop video, because nothing will beat that one like a dead horse. This is pretty good though!


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Anonymous 1 week ago

Would Midol work on a guy?

Anonymous 1 week ago

The dude recording himself is an idiot.

Anonymous 1 week ago

Get out sir

Whatever 1 week ago

lol.. "calling me sir is like calling me the n word" ahahaha

terry 1 week ago


Willard 1 week ago

They want to force you to participate in their delusions.

edX 1 week ago

'Trans people' is just a term some delusional jackasses come up with. It's up to them what they want to call themselves. But there is no reason why i want to be equally deluded and call them by their 'preferred pronoun'. Dumbass.

What next, someone dressed as a cat wants to have their milk served in saucers and a ball of wool to play with. Feck off jackasses.

Yeah, i'm a bigot. A bigot against wilful morons.

'Homophobe' is another nonsense word designed to get everyone to normalise homosexuality and promote it to children through their parents accepting it as normal. It's not normal. You want to be abnormal sexually, go ahead, but don't expect me to say it's ok.

A 'homophobe' is one who refuses to normalise indiscriminate sexual attractions. Put that in your book Merriam Webster.

Scaldyballs 1 week ago

someone needs to beat the living sh-te out of that fella for thinking he's a woman and then crying about being correctly spoken to.

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