Teens trash NYC restaurant causing $20K in damages

NBC New York reported: "The teens had to take an elevator three floors up to the Fish Village in College Point, Queens and restaurant staff say they’re afraid the group will come back. NBC New York’s John Chandler reports." NBC New York also reported on their website:

The teens wore masks and hoodie sweatshirts as they stormed through the main dining area, leaving a broken window and around $20,000 in damages. Hu said nobody was hurt but everyone at the restaurant is rattled from the ordeal, which lasted just over a minute. The manager said he hid behind the counter and called police, telling his staff not to engage with them for fear of safety.

Councilwoman Vickie Paladino stopped by to check on the restaurant on Monday. She said that 50 NYPD officers were just added to her district, but still more are needed. The restaurant is working to move on, though staff keeps an eye on the door. Hu said he is scared that the group may return, but confident police are handling the matter. While more officers were expected to keep watch outside the area, none were seen by NBC New York on Monday.

Police said no arrests have yet been made.  The group responsible for the mayhem took off down 127th street.


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