Grilled Cheese Obama Sandwch video is a modern masterpiece (LOLOLOL)

Typo Joe MMXXIII put this video on YouTube and it's already got 1.8 million views. Some of the best comments are below.

I am currently fighting for my life against stage 4 Taco Bell. Knowing that my pain is nothing compared to ingesting the Grilled Cheese Obama Sandwich is terrifying.

Imagine people from the future wondering what music was like in our generation and then they find this. Truly one of the songs of all time

this song is a masterpiece. the lyrics of the song represent the characters feeling so well that it made me shed tears. The song follows the story of a man who spots a grilled cheese obama sandwich and wishes to consume it, however  he is unable to eat it as his calorie intake is too high so all he can do is look at it. he becomes frustrated seeing a grill cheese obama sandwich but not being able to eat it, then he begins to sing about his problem. he is thinking about his entire life and every second he glanced at the sandwich breaks down because he does not understand it. he has a hard time eating his own food as all he can think about is the grilled cheese obama sandwich which was indicated by the lyrics "and its making it hard to eat" after all of this he begins to crumble mentally and wishes to eat the sandwich. However he falls victim to depression and the song ends. what makes this such a masterpiece is how the lyrics express the pain of the man and completely immerses the listener to the song. 10/10 song amazing experience

One day, me and my friends were playing co-op together. When suddenly a random joined and asked if we wanted to hear a very emotional song. He gave us the gift of Grilled Cheese Obama Sandwich, and we are eternally grateful to him. Thank you, Wheat, for your gift to this world.

During this song i felt emotions i have never felt before. This enlightening piece of music showed me things i cannot even put in a youtube comment. The first sections where he talks about his heart and arteries wont be able to handle if he eats the grilled cheese sandwich. I can truly relate to that,  as every night i wake in a cold sweat waiting for the grilled cheese obama sandwich but it never comes. This song begins with "I dont understand this." which instantly relates to many people around the world and he also shares his problems with cravings and calorie intake. As well as talking about he needs the grilled cheese obama sandwich. The violin in the background  provides a clear canvas about how sad the song is, where he says he's gonna get a heart attack if he eats the sandwich shows how  short term pleasures can bring suffering into our lives, He uses the phrase "mmmm" perfectly as this song is also about food, and"mmmm." is connected to hunger. The way he uses some phrases from the original artist shows credit and dignity,  He also says "its make it hard to eat." even though he so deeply wants the sandwich but its just slightly out of reach at all times. The face of obama as he turns into the sandwich shows what a honour it is to be one with the sandwich. When this masterpiece came out it was only a short version which is only giving a small part of the true song which makes fans want it more. When the full version came out i started crying as it is so incredibly meaningful and one of the most incredible things ever created.

Thank you obama for sacrificing yourself into the sandwich

when you're happy you enjoy the music

when you're sad you understand the lyrics


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