Girls basketball team punished after refusing to play against biological male

We live in a world filled with circus nonsense and wrong decisions. A girls basketball team forfeit a playoff game because they refused to play against a biological male and now they're being punished by a disgraceful principals association who clearly has no principals. The girls team made the correct move, standing up for the integrity of GIRLS SPORTS by shunning the team who allowed a boy to play on the girls team. But sadly, the girls get no support. AP reported the details of this sports news story:
A Vermont religious school that withdrew its girls’ basketball team from a playoff game because a transgender student was playing on the opposing team won't be able to participate in future tournaments, the Vermont Principals’ Association announced Monday. Mid Vermont Christian School, in White River Junction, Vermont, forfeited the Feb. 21 game, saying that it believed that the transgender player “jeopardizes the fairness of the game and the safety of our players." The executive council of the principals' association, which is the governing body for Vermont school sports and activities for member schools, ruled that the school had violated policies and is ineligible to participate in future tournaments that it sanctions. The move applies to all sports.


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John Thomas 1 week ago

The league's next move against the school is to sanction any school that schedules games with any of the school's sports team. The school needs to sue the league.

Scaldyballs 1 week ago

Absofugginlutely disgraceful carry on. Women should not have to play against men at all. Its a stupid world where biological men trump women regarding women's rights.

BKMart 1 week ago

Karma would be every girl team in the state joining with the punished team in true sisterhood. The democrat communists are turning American women into second class citizens for the sake of a few very confused boys.

Dr Frank 1 week ago

What else would you expect from the woke socialsits o Vrmont?

Ragnor 1 week ago

ALL the other teams need to show solidarity with Mid Vermont Christian School and pull out of the tournament. This woke crap has gone waaaaaay to far...time to reign it in

Chip 1 week ago

Bravo girls! No more state fair freaks posing as girls. They can't cut it as boys and they can't cut it in life,

Joe johnson 1 week ago

I bet the dude still had his d-ck and balls intact. Good for the Girls. If ALL Girls facing Trans MEN refused to compete, the schools would lose lots of money and they’d change their attitude.

Jack Delany 1 week ago

Tans genderism reminds me of my childhood when we played pretend games like cowboys and indians. i would be Tonto and you would be the Lone Ranger. Only now it is I am the girl, and you are the boy. or we are both girls or both boys.
As a grown-up i do not play children's games anymore nor will I be gas lighted by those that do.
I suggest the trans-genders grow-up as well.

DRF 1 week ago

Conservatives going to stand up and put a MAJORITY stop on this nonsense, or cower in the corner waiting...?

bill 1 week ago

These whack jobs say it's for inclusion. But at the
,,, EXCLUSION ,,,,
of normal girls and women from the podium for, first , second or third,
Gold, silver, bronze.
So to hell with the female, all hail the pervert.
All women athletes need to boycott all sports.

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