If I had any respect, it's out the window now: Drew Barrymore guest causes uproar

Drew Barrymore invited Dylan Mulvaney onto the show. Dylan is a man who dresses like a woman and it's a very bizarre act or show he's putting on, it's more like he's mocking women by trying to become or dress like one, but it's also very disturbing and not good for it to be all over social media where kids can see this. People on Drew's YouTube comment section were expressing how they are sick of this stuff, insulted by it, and how it's basically a mockery of women. Here are some of the comments. I left their name off for privacy, in case they delete their comment.

Imagine absorbing any bit of this with any degree of seriousness.

Imagine if Dylan had just remained seated while Drew fluffed around on the floor.

It's like overhearing a conversation between 6 year old kids.

I just want to talk about Drew and Never Been Kissed. That movie is about a teacher falling in love what he thinks is a seventeen year old and gets upset when he finds out her age. So…. I don’t really trust her morals or values if she couldn’t see that plot hole. She is just another Hollywood Space Cadet.

I wish I could see the dislike count

Honestly, it's like a parody.

This is truly a spectacle, but the comments give me hope that not everyone is insane. Btw, the trans community was doing just fine by simply existing prior to all of this nonsense over the last several years.

Can't wait to see the next Southpark episode.

Never in a million Drew. Loved your films. You're way too weird now. Have an actual trans woman on, like my sister, who goes to her job every day and lives peacefully and isn't out in the world grifting after the almighty dollar while setting back women a hundred years, as Dylan is doing. Damn I'm upset how Dylan is stepping all over

OMG!  I was covering my eyes at some parts.  WTF?

This was the most insane thing I’ve seen this year. I mean the level of cringe is unparalleled here

So this is what it takes for a woman to bow down to a man huh.

"The floor feels safer"
This is utter insanity

The most bizarre part of all of this is that this guy isn’t actually trans. He is a performance artist who mocks women. It’s grotesque and makes my skin crawl.  If he was really a trans woman he’d be demanding privacy for his condition.


I love Drew but she’s doing a great job acting. I would bet money if Drew was attached to a lie detector was asked if she felt Dylan was really a woman, she would be found to be lying and be deceptive because there’s no way she thinks of her as a real woman

3.1k dislikes, and 933 likes as of now. When will people realize that WE DO NOT LIKE THIS.

how disgusting...instead of sending these sickos to someone to fix their mental disorders they just act like this is normal...I hope normal people will continue 'hating' on these mad creatures until they get themselves fixed

Shame on you for joining the sideshow, Drew.
What a bunch of pandering drivel to a MAN who is fleecing the normies at an epic level

If i had any respect for barrymore, it's out the window now.

Can Drew not see that he's a dude in a dress?


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I don’t get it 1 week ago

So what? This site gets more and more geriatric every day. When did the c-nts who get together after church every Sunday to have brunch and hook their granddaughters up with the neighborhood rapist decide to set up an edgy humor site?

Scaldyballs 1 week ago

This sh-t is getting worse. A f-cking man dressing as a woman , c-nts be telling real women what a woman is. Should be a season on the f-ckers.

DRF 1 week ago

Not a Monster. Dylan Mulvaney is needs mental help. FAST!

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