TikTok Teacher goes on epic rant, angry she can't teach critical race theory

Here's a teacher who recorded one of several videos because she's really mad that she can't teach critical race theory. Awww.... no offense, if you're a teacher, then you shouldn't be putting these zany rants online. I dunno how students would deal with this.

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Okay 1 week ago

There’s nothing wrong with teaching kids about things rednecks think are embarrassing to white people. We should put less stock into what maga retards think anyway.

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

You can always tell by how they look

john 1 month ago

She should be charged with putting children at risk if she's allowed to teach this garbage. And anyone who allows her also.

Dindu 1 month ago

Looks like another J person destroying western society.

Dindu 1 month ago

Stop whitephobia

BigFootsUncleBob 1 year ago

She Boons are retarded, they just need a good fucking...

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