Group of women are asked 'what is a woman' and video takes an odd turn

Here's a small video from the whatever podcast. The group of women are asked what a woman is and it seems like they won't just say the correct answer. A woman is someone born as a female at birth. A woman is not a man dressed up as a woman, identifying as a woman, or even getting surgery to become a woman. There is only one type of woman and she's born with it. Guys can't be women, and women can't be guys, it's that simple folks. However, we can pretend and dress up as anything we want, but that doesn't mean we literally ARE that which we're pretending or identifying to be. Even if a guy gets his thing cut off, then he's just a guy with no thing. It really is that simple. What were these women scared of?


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edX 1 week ago

The reason why 'people' are giving up their genders in their minds is due to the west being an advanced capitalist state where all identity is cast aside in favour of being wage-slaves of the corporation, consumers, and nothing besides. These are sub-humans who do not aspire to anything other than living to consume and be consumed.

A true pervert is not one who does perverted things, but who does not think it is perverse simply because they or others like it. These people are the toxic wasteland of human history and civilisation.



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