Jane Fonda said something horrible, hosts rushed to say it was a joke

Jane Fonda went on The View and was talking about pro-life politicians. She suggested the answer for them is 'murder' and the hosts of The View rushed to say she was just kidding. Jane Fonda didn't seem like she was in a joking mood, but her comments may have just been a dry sarcastic attempt at humor. However, in today's world, her words won't be taken lightly and people will certainly have some outrage over it. Jane Fonda just got herself into some trouble with the American people, that's for sure.


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DRF 1 week ago

Menopausal harpies! Awesome. It seems the menopausal harpies always group in fives. Can't wait for Janie and her ilk to bring it. Been getting ready for these communists for a long time.

Anonymous 1 week ago

LOL! Not even Communists really care what Hanoi Jane has to say. 5 menopausal harpies are the only ones interested.

Mad Celt 1 week ago

It's a joke or she's a joke?

Oscar 1 week ago

Jane Fonda, without a smile or any other hint she was joking,
suggested murder as a way to deal with those who DARE to
disagree with her and stand up for unborn innocents. Imagine
if a conservative had said anything similiar!

PhuckBiden_hard 1 week ago

WHY is Hanoi still walking the face of the earth? WHY would any reputable program have her on spouting stupid things?

BDnSC 1 week ago

Hannoi Jane should still be in jail for her treasonous actions in North Vietmam

R Finley 1 week ago


boca grandee 1 week ago

Menopause removes her from the right to have an opinion on the subject, as a woman.

Upurs 1 week ago

Jane has been a smelly old communist b-tch for years....the whole view group of old stinking crows should be drowned ....what morons and hateful idiots

Larry Folds 1 week ago

This statement should be investigated but it won't. I believe that if I said all women who want an abortion should be murdered, I may have to pay a price. jane should be hanged for her treason. I don't think there is a statute of limitations.

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