Biden can't 'sleep' his way through 2024 like he did with 2020: Kayleigh McEnany says

Kayleigh McEnany suggests that President Joe Biden was sleeping through the 2020 election, meaning he wasn't really in control of anything and he was just sorta there as the Democrat put everything in place and ran the show. Kayleigh McEnany suggests that won't work if the Democrats do the same thing in 2024 that they did with 2020, especially considering how the last two years under Joe Biden's administration have been. Sean Hannity had to be enjoying this, as any time Kayleigh McEnany is on the show, it's always a great episode.


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Kestrel27 2 weeks ago

Biden may have slept his way through 2020, but the Democrats as a whole with their RINO buddies did not. The Republicans haven't done anything to make sure any future election is secure. They have a lot of sham investigations going on like J6th, Covid, the Border, but no-one on the Left is going to jail. The Democrats are calling all the shots and not a damn thing has been done to make sure Dominion or other voter fraud machines aren't used and that people who vote are actually who they say they are as in ID to vote. especially when we keep hearing from Democrats that it is the sacred right of everyone to vote. Instead the Democrats have taken that so called "Sacred Right" and turned it into a joke so that anyone can carelessly cast a ballot no matter where they are from. Whether they are even American, or just some drifter from any other country, just as long as they vote Democrat. Apparently Republicans really don't take voting seriously at all, or they would have done something about illegal ballots by now. Guess talking rather than doing anything is the real priority!

Ads Base 2 weeks ago

But he CAN and WILL lie his way through it.

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