Andrew Tate video mentioning Megan Fox and Hulk Hogan is uh.....

Andrew Tate is on video saying some really weird things about a hypothetical situation about Megan Fox having a wee wee and Hulk Hogan having a hoo ha. I don't know how else to describe this weird video, so you'll just have to watch it and cringe for yourself. Dude, what are you thinking? This is a really weird thing to say and uh, well, I couldn't stop laughing when he said the part about Hulk Hogan. The visual of Hogan ripping off his wrestling shirt and having a vag was just out of this world weird and funny. But no, I would not do either one of the suggestions that Andrew Tate said.


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twatman 1 hour ago

pathetic little man, how is your b-tch ass holding up in that Romanian jail. you f_uking g-y.

terry 1 week ago


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lay some pipe shirt i hate that bitch shirt drinking team shirt