It's gotta stop: Portland real estate developer ditching dangerous town


A real estate developer says he's had enough of the crime in his city after an incident that occurred this past week and he's planning on making some changes -- as in relocating. Dustin Michael Miller, a lifelong Portland, Ore. resident, has made the decision to leave the Democrat-run city after discovering bullet holes in the glass near his usual work area in his office, he told Fox News during a report.

"Alright Portland, I'm done with you. I'm over. This has gotta stop, OK?" he said in an Instagram reel Saturday. Miller panned the camera around to his desk, adding, "I work right here a lot during the day. Well, look what happened last night." He then panned the camera over his shoulder to a front office window with bullet holes in it. "If I was here [the bullets would] be in the back of my head right now," he declared.

During an appearance on "Fox & Friends First" on Monday, Miller revealed that the discovery of the bullet holes was the tipping point for him, as he has grown tired of the ongoing crime crisis in Portland. He explained to anchors Todd Piro and Ashley Strohmier that the area has experienced a significant decline in recent years, reported Fox News.


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james 2 weeks ago

Being on MLK in ANY city is asking for trouble.. Only a moron would ever be there.

wayne 2 weeks ago

flying bullet holes would only hurt a fly

Day Sun 2 weeks ago

He talks and acts like a leftist. I pity the area he migrates to. Doesn't get that his votes helped cause what he's angry about (though he never stops smiling like a fool), because it affected 'him'.

Daniel 2 weeks ago

I'm just sorry it took this to convince him to leave. Obviously he's not the sharpest pencil in the drawer.

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