Biker gave cop 'the finger' then got hit by a truck (video)

A biker ran a red light, gave cops the finger, then got hit by a truck, then got arrested. This was not a good night for that dude! Volusia Sheriff's Office posted the following video and message on their Facebook page:

Here's a good way to get yourself killed. Last night, Deputy Bissonnette attempted a traffic stop on a group of motorcyclists popping wheelies on Old Dixie Highway. The group accelerated, fled at high speed and continued driving recklessly, passing vehicles across solid double lines.

Upon approaching North Beach Street and West Granada Boulevard, the group ignored a red light and continued fleeing from deputies. One of them took the opportunity to look back and flip off the deputies behind him, after which he entered the intersection directly into the path of an oncoming truck.

Joshua Richardson survived the crash and ran away from the scene but was quickly apprehended by deputies in the area. In addition to a trip to the hospital, he's charged with fleeing or attempting to elude law enforcement, resisting without violence and leaving the scene of a crash. He's also receiving traffic citations for failure to stop at a red light and passing in a no passing zone.


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Mark 2 weeks ago

Love how his buddies just left him in the street while they ran away.

Esteban 2 weeks ago

Tee Hee

10ffgrid 2 weeks ago

It's a bad combination: beta-democrat "males" and motorcycles.

Big Crow 2 weeks ago

Silly boys.

Manchu Warrior 2 weeks ago

And to think that that moron will breed more just like him

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