If someone doesn't pass the Shopping Cart Test, then don't hang out with them

There is one very simple test to determine if you're a half decent person or a complete scumbag. It's called the shopping cart test and if you ever meet someone who leaves their shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot, then don't ever hang out with them again. Or, at least tell them they are a total scumbag and lazy degenerate. It takes like 3 seconds to put the shopping cart in the little section so the employees can grab them all at once and return them to the store, so don't be a lazy loser and leave the cart in the middle of nowhere.

The only exception to this is if you're injured, about to shit your pants, or about to be robbed. Other than that, what's your excuse for being THAT LAZY? And where is this always taking place? Walmart.


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Juicy Smolliet 6 days ago

I don't know... some people might return the cart because they are mindless followers of any and all rules. Others might do it because they don't want stray carts blocking or potentially damaging the vehicles of other shoppers. Personally, I try to abandon the sh-tty carts in the bushes so nobody has to use them. Good carts go to the return rack

Dakota 1 week ago

Unless you are handicapped return your shopping cart to the cart place. Low IQ people or lazy people don’t. Shame on you

Parabellum762 1 week ago

Here's another test for you if you want to know if a woman is a keeper or not. If you open the door for her and she just walks in without giving a thank you or rewarding you with a smile, then find another one.

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