Uh..... This woman would like a word with the patriarchy

Here's a woman who's got a lot to say about the patriarchy. Some of the words I won't type here because I want you to hear them in her own voice, her own context, and give her message a good listen. And, just my guess, but I think she doesn't like the patriarchy because she's not getting any action if you know what I mean. I bet she's got a closet full of weird stuff and not one single man to call. it's a real shame, but if she does a Michael Jackson and looks at the (wo)man in the mirror, then maybe she'll make a change for once in her life. She can do better than this bizarre outrageous behavior. Think about it, what guy wants to settle down with...... that? Look around, you won't find any! Not even the crazy guys will settle for this stuff. Cool down, baldy!


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Anonymous 2 weeks ago

this is why we need natural selection

Hard cock9in 2 weeks ago

I’d cum on those armpits

Shameless chalmers 2 weeks ago

I'd hit it

Balls lickem 2 weeks ago

What is that f-cking libtard tr-nny g-y talking about, nobody cares pickle licker.

Jesus 2 weeks ago

You are forgiven my child.

Bob 2 weeks ago

Nobody cares

DR Wacko 2 weeks ago

sr mr you are not my type... but can I braid your armpit hairs?

USslang 2 weeks ago

Why does he sound like a woman?

oof 2 weeks ago

male pattern baldness there

murica 2 weeks ago


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