Dude on park bench totally OWNS influencer chick who complained he was ruining her shot

Harry and Meghan might be the most annoying people on the planet, but up next is influencers doing things in public and then yelling at normal folks when they're just outside living their life like they always do. This influencer chick is recording a video, about who cares what, and some guy just minding his own business sits down on a park bench. I don't think he realized she was making a video, probably just thought she was some dumb young person standing around learning nothing, or should be at school, but then it gets heated. She asks him to go find another bench, and he basically tells her off, like a good person should do. Sorry lady, no one cares about your lame video. This guy is minding his own business sitting on a bench, so if you don't like it, then YOU go find another bench. Also, your videos probably suck and no one wants to see them after they see how rude you are. RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!


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