Degenerate performer in front of degenerate parents who brought KIDS to this, WTF is wrong with them?

Here's a group of adults sitting around with their kids watching some guys who are barely dressed do all sorts of weird performance art bullshit. There are three rules to this video. If you don't agree to the rules below, then you're part of the problem dude. These are children, they don't need to be at these type of events. If you're an adult, then get a babysitter and go watch this stuff on your own. Everyone has weird stuff they like, but get a damn babysitter, you freaks.  And if you're a dude who likes to put on women's clothes and shake your hips like Shakira, that's fine too. We really don't care. Do whatever makes you happy, but when you walk in that room and see it's full of kids - then you should step up and be like "listen folks, I would love to perform for you, but this is only for adults. If you have kids here, then please take them home." That's how simple it is to not be a scumbag.

1. If you're doing this in front of kids, then you're a scumbag.

2. If you bring kids to see this, then you're a scumbag.

3. Don't be a scumbag.


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twatman 2 weeks ago

bastard c-nts, im in favour of be heading.

AGuy 3 weeks ago

Oh boo hoo, that man is wearing leather and heeled boots, lets drag him into the street and shoot him. You conservative wasteoids. Go get r*ped by your priests and shoot up a school.

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