Stop trying to talk to kids! Woman stands up to guy in makeup who wants kids to talk to him

Here's a woman who's been tormented and called transphobic and all sorts of radical leftwing nonsense all because she called out a GROWN MAN who wears makeup and tells children to talk to him if they need to. Dude, you gotta be absolutely demented to be making videos wearing chick makeup and telling kids to talk to you. You're not their parent. You're not their friend. You're NOTHING to them. You're just a guy in makeup who looks weird making these videos. You look like a predator, bro. Talk to people YOUR OWN AGE- unless you're Leonardo DiCaprio, 48, and dating a 25-year-old - then that's OK.

What do you think of this woman's words and his actions?


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terry 2 weeks ago


tmmhmm 3 weeks ago

WOW... This is crazy!!

Geoseppi 3 weeks ago

These people must be driven out of society.

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