MTG workout video has liberals in full meltdown mode

Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene posted some workout videos of her doing a cross-fit move called a butterfly pull-up that involves a wild movement that goes up and down really fast. I'm pretty sure this is a really bad exercise to do, and cross-fit is just weird to begin with, but that's not the point. The point is she shared something non-political, just like normal people do with workout videos or food, and people are still going after her and tormenting her. That's how crazy social media is. No matter what you publish, there will always be people who don't like it and all they do is complain. It's just a lady doing exercises and she's got liberals suffering meltdowns.


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Madison 3 weeks ago

Encouraging people to be physically active and fit has been something politicians have been doing for a hundred years.
So why in the hell would anybody other than a far left nutjob be upset about MTG doing the same thing?

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Once I seen this woman yell at a kid that survived a school shooter, she def was elected to serve an agenda, not what is best for our country, to be able to be that uncaring to a teenager, following him around harassing him in Washington, & her party said nothing,

jay 3 weeks ago

Cool. I suggest she next make a video where she talks about what food she likes and her favorite brand of shoe. Really drive the liberals nuts.

Sally 3 weeks ago

Jacques is really mad because his husband left him for Lightfoot. Said her penis was bigger than his. If you throw a five dollar bill in front of Skippy he’ll fetch. Fetch boy, fetch.

jacques auff 3 weeks ago

MTG is a bad person and she will eventually pay the piper. She has bad manners, a low IQ and is ugly. And those are her good points. No wonder hubby dropped her.

Kenny Monoxide 3 weeks ago

Leftists are habitually miserable people. The men are total beta cucks and the women all look like they haven't taken a sh-t in a month. They are also very rapidly becoming the most hated group in the country. I personally wouldn't p-ss on one if it was on fire.

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