Freedom is worth fighting for: New DeSantis video stirs speculations

Casey DeSantis shared a new video supporting her husband, Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, with a video that seems to be giving his supporter chills and speculation he may run for president.  There is no answer yet from the DeSantis crowd, but they keep making little hints that say if he'll run for president, and many people think he will. However, that puts him up against fan-favorite former President Donald Trump. Many people would prefer that Trump and DeSantis work together, but seems like the two might have a few choice words for each other.

The video has Ron DeSantis narrating and saying the following: "When the world lost its mind. When common sense suddenly became an uncommon virtue. Florida was a refuge of sanity. A citadel of freedom for our fellow Americans and even for people around the world... Florida's success has been made more difficult by the floundering federal establishment in Washington D.C., an inflationary spending binge that has left our nation weaker and our citizens poorer. It has enacted pandemic restrictions and mandates. It has recklessly facilitated open borders. It has imposed an energy policy that has crippled our nation's domestic production... Florida has proved positive that we the people are not destined for failure. Florida is leading the nation. We are the nation's fastest-growing state. We ranked number one in education freedom, we are number one in economic freedom. Florida also ranks number one in public higher education. This is a record we can all be proud of... Decline is a choice. Success is attainable. And freedom is worth fighting for..."


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DRF 1 week ago

Freedom IS worth fighting for. That's why I'm voting for Trump. Not a Harvard AND Yale educated (NWO) WEF guy. You can change the name, but not the globalist agenda...

Noneya 3 weeks ago

By their fruits ye shall know them, the fruit of Ron DeSantis has been remarkably good, that's something I can stand behind.

Joel 3 weeks ago

Never vote for desantis. He lies, hasn't the breadth for the job. Never.

Nope 3 weeks ago


Dave52 3 weeks ago

The only one I've heard making attacks is the Donald. A crowded field is Trump's friend.

Doug 3 weeks ago

This is like listening to the people on the topside of the Titantic jutting out of the water as the rest of the ship was underwater saying the ship may right itself. That's what Florida is. It's the back of the titantic that was sticking out of the water for an hour or so until the ship got sucked down. People are deluding themselves if they think there is any chance of salvaging our nation. It's over. It was over the minute we allowed rampant election fraud to persist while we distracted ourselves with the NFL that has contributed to killing cops and companies like Disney that we still fund with our patronage.

Nobody 3 weeks ago

No thanks. Globalist Soros endorsed DeSantis.

Instead of declining the endorsement, DeSantis chose to accept it instead! What a joke!

I'll just vote for Trump again.

kitman3 3 weeks ago

but it's Paul Ryan and Jeb Bush behind Ron - he may be establishment in
MAGA cover?

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Please don't run against 'the Donald'... your time will long as we can fix the voter fraud

moderate me 3 weeks ago

did he lost his biggest donors..?? I didn’t think so.. I like Ron A lot and he’ll be a good nominee in the future.. Before anyone decides to vote for him over Trump i’d advice you look at Ron’s top 5 donors and ask yourself will those people want something for their millions..? He’ll end being another Bush if he wins 2024..

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