Here's someone Joe Biden would probably hire

This could be one of the worst accounts on TikTok. It's an overly gay alphabet guy going by the username Fuzzz99 and he's got one of the most annoying voices on the planet. He stomps around, over exaggerated, and his videos are majorly cringe. This one is discussing some made up genders and paraboys or whatever the heck this junk is. On some of his other videos, his comment section is saying how his videos are a "hard watch" - so maybe this guy should tone it down on the genders and pronouns. And where are his parents? What did they do wrong raising him that turned him into THIS? He's trying way too hard and it shows. Simmer down, butt pirate!

KnowYourMeme reported on this Fuzzz99 character, saying:
Fuzzz99, also known as Overly Gay TikTok Person, is a TikToker who gained notoriety on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram in October 2022 after their vlog and LGBTQ+ videos recorded in an exaggerated manner went viral. The TikToker is known for their gimmick of stomping their foot and saying, "I'm glad you asked!" On TikTok, users created stitches parodying and lambasting Fuzzz99, which were later widely shared on other sites.The TikToker did not achieve online notoriety until several of their TikToks recorded between late August and early October 2022 went viral and attracted troll comments, leading to @fuzzz99 disabling comments on their videos. On August 23rd, 2022, @fuzzz99 posted a response to a troll comment inquiring if they knew how to brush their teeth, with the video accumulating over 2.5 million views and 38,000 likes in two months (shown below, left). On September 6th, 2022, @fuzzz99 shared a video in which they commented on locking comments to their videos, with the post accumulating over 14 million views and 195,000 likes in one month

Better yet, could they just shut up and stop pushing their propaganda nonsense all over TikTok?


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Professor 3 weeks ago


Manchu Warrior 4 weeks ago

I just lost 50 points off my IQ

Plato v2.0 4 weeks ago

The difference here is one boy is para the other is demi and all of you are nucking futs!!!

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