Brittany stop, what are you doing

Brittany, or however you spell it, what is you doing?

lay some pipe shirt i hate that bitch shirt drinking team shirt


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Yeayeayeah 1 year ago

Poor Cinderella was just trying to have a goodnight out, Brittany had to go and blow it up on her.


Damn these black b-tches have fat asses. Now I want some of that.
Sincerely, whiteboy!

justme 1 year ago

Just a typical evenings entertainment in the Hood.

elphupphy 1 year ago

What trash.

BigFootsUncleBob 1 year ago

oonga bunnngooa bunnga gooney goo goo , there I tried communicating with the beasts and they wasn't listening... youre welcome

Birdie7 1 year ago

What the f*ck did I just watch ????

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