Mentally deranged woman claims to have a ten-year-old pansexual

This is what mentally deranged people look like. She claims to have a ten-year-old pansexual. First of all lady, the pans belong in the kitchen. Everyone knows that. What the hell does pansexual even mean? And why would your kid know this? I know, maybe because you're a freaking lunatic who brainwashed them. Kids should be doing kid things, not being brainwashed by far left liberal loons. What the hell have we become as a society?


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twatman 2 weeks ago


Kenny Monoxide 3 weeks ago

The people who claim this crap need to be investigated for child abuse. No 10 year old even thinks about their sexuality until mommy starts planting seeds because she wants to be trendy....

Professor 4 weeks ago

If she kept the receipt she can always return it for one thats not broken.....

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