Guy fills Applebees 20 ouncer with 16.9 ounces of water

There's an Applebees down the street from me and I plan to try this. If that glass ain't a full 20 ounces, then I'm getting my whole Happy Hour meal for free!


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anton 1 week ago

I can still remember when Applebees first came to Houston. My wife and I went with the anticipation of having a good meal. That was the last time I've stepped foot in an Applebees. That was some of the nastiest food I've been served at that price point. Similar to Chilis or TGIF. It's no wonder they rip you off on the beer..

SS 4 weeks ago

edX there was a half inch of cup left, go back to math class there is ZERO chance that that small space holds 3 f-cking ounces.

SpecialEd 4 weeks ago

The other three ounces is the part you didn't fill up a hole

nice guy 1 month ago

dont f-ck with a mans beer

edX 1 month ago

I don't know what this guy is talking about. That glass is STILL a 20 oz glass. The bottle of water left a bit of space at the top of the glass. That would be the remainder 3.1oz.

So technically, it would still be a 20oz glass of beer, only that it would have to be filled to the brim. So nobody is being ripped off. The bartender just has to fill it to the top. That's it.

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