UPS Guy vs icy driveway has me laughing out loud

Folks, if your driveway is icy and you have a package on the way, then rest assured this might happen and you better be ready to catch it on camera. This UPS driver pulled up to deliver a package and he was met face to face with an icy driveway that goes uphill.

There was only one way that package was getting up the hill and it certainly wasn’t walking the entire length and ultimately landing on his back mid-delivery.

So what’s a guy to do? Well, take a few steps and put nature into action and slide that package up the driveway for a safe and secure delivery! Let’s face it, if he tried walking up the icy hill, he’d land on his back and the package would go flying and no way to determine what happens to it after that.

Let’s give him a round of applause for being creative and getting that much needed package there in one piece!

WATCH the video!

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