Titan takes out strike boss in ONE hit from across the map


Imagine you're on a strike about to beat Sedia and a Titan shows up and takes her out in one hit. This literally happened and I have the video to prove it. This comes from YouTuber DVS who provided a detailed explanation on how he was able to beat her with one hit, not knocking her off the rocks and into the galaxy, but actually hitting her with a hammer from long distance.

Below he gives us the details on the buffs, armor, and how to set it up with teammates. After that, the video to prove it. Keep in mind his was done on a PC, but he stated that you can do this on any console as well, you just need to make sure you have the timing right. For me, that might be hard, because even on an SSD drive with Xbox One, my loadout screen is still slow. Worth trying, for sure.

His info below was originally on Reddit and the source is linked below.

Here's what DVS did to beat strike boss Sedia in one hit.

We attempted this once before, some of you may have seen my previous post on that venture, and we simply couldn't get the damage we needed. But that was in the Nightfall.
I began toying with another idea. What if I stacked Synthoceps on top of all the other buffs? The 3x damage buff would easily get us the damage. But the problem there lied in with Nightfalls, where you can't switch gear. 
So it would have to be done with heroic strikes. The problem is, it seems only 4 negative modifiers can roll along with Solar/Brawler: Blackout, Grounded, Glass, and Iron. 
The first 3 made surviving incredibly difficult for either me or our MP Titan, meaning Iron would be our only option, and it was a very long time waiting for Iron to roll around with Solar/Brawler. But it finally came. And we got it. 
The Strategy 
This required us to stack every melee damage buff we could, including 2 that shouldn't be able to be stacked together. We'd set the Well of Radiance simply to survive, as it provides no melee buff. 
Once the Psions jumped over to us and triggered Biotic Enhancements on Synthoceps, I'd throw a Thermite at the other set of Psions to get 3x Roaring Flames, and then switch to Wormgod Caress. This gave me an 8-second window to stack Wormgod's Burning Fists buff and get my hammer out before Biotic Enhancements would go away. 
So I'd hit 5 melee kills to max the stacks, then throw the hammer and hope it hits just before the buff vanishes. At the same time I was stacking all those buffs, CG would hit Hammer Strike, and then Leon would throw the ball to take down Sedia's shields. My estimations on the math made me think we'd hit somewhere around 700k, based on a run we made of it where I got everything except Synthos and hit over 200k. 
But sometimes when different buffs stack in Destiny 2, it causes an exponential increase in the damage, somehow throwing the damage to over 1 million damage, maxing out the visible damage cap. Considering Sedia only has a little over 600k health with Iron active, the small amount of damage the relic deals when breaking her shields is completely negligible. 
The Buffs 
Solar Singe - 25% damage buff
Brawler - 2x Melee damage buff 
Biotic Enhancements (Synthoceps) - 3x Melee damage buff 
Burning Fists x5 (Wormgod Caress) - ~9.15x Melee damage buff 
Roaring Flames x3 - ~1.7x damage buff 
Hammer Strike - 50% damage buff 
Transcendent Blessing/Riven's Curse Mods x5 - 5% damage buff per mod; 25% damage buff in total.

And now, the video.


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