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Gaming 10 things to do in Destiny before Beyond Light begins

Frank the Tank

Staff member

We’re just inside of a month before the release of Destiny 2’s new annual expansion, Beyond Light. While the update will add a new location, raid, and lots more loot to collect, large portions of the game’s world will be indefinitely removed. Here’s a bunch of stuff worth finishing before that happens.

I’ve tried to make the following rundown both varied and approachable. If you’re a Destiny 2 diehard you’ve probably already done most of this stuff. If you’ve never picked up the game before, it’s arguably one of the better times to dive into its weird and magical sci-fi world. The current Season of Arrivals is one of Destiny 2’s most fun and lucrative in some time, and the next few weeks are also the last chance for players to experience the game as it’s existed more or less since launch.

That’s because on November 10 Bungie’s loot shooter will lose six destinations, including planets Mercury and Mars, moons Titan and Io, as well as four raids, over a dozen exotic quests, and the majority of its main story campaign. With four weeks until that happens, there’s still plenty of time to witness some of Destiny 2’s most dazzling locations, experience some of its best missions, and collect some of its most worthwhile loot.