Teacher exposed for performing as drag queen, turning classroom into rainbow-filled nightclub

Another day goes by where another far-left liberal teacher is exposed for being a deviant of society. This time the teacher has decorated his class in rainbows which might be fine under normal circumstances, but this teacher was also exposed as performing as a drag queen.

Not sure this is the type of person you want teaching your kids, but there’s one thing I do know – that if it was my child in that class, you can be assured I’d be moving my kid to another classroom with a more traditional teacher who’s not some creepy dude moonlighting in a dress at night.

Libs of TikTok exposed this one with the caption: “Teacher who’s also a drag queen shows his classroom covered with LGBT decor which he turns into a “nightclub.” Here’s the video and it looks like he turns the classroom into his own personal nightclub. I wonder if he stays late to prep for the next day or hem his dress for the drag show:

And it doesn’t stop there. Libs of TikTok also found a photo of the alleged creepster who really shouldn’t be in your child’s school, or anywhere near one, to be fair. Check this out! Is this who we want in our schools?

Nope, not for me! Sure, the classroom looks cool if you’re not one of those far-left liberals who likely push their personal beliefs and lifestyles on the students, but we can clearly see this dude’s classroom looks like his own lair of perversion full of his personal choices and not something that children should be exposed to.

Just freaking teach and stop putting your weirdo lifestyles in our classrooms.

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And maybe, JUST MAYBE, we can get some darn quality checkpoints going to make sure our male teachers aren’t dressing up as women at night. That’s the last thing little Jimmy needs to see when mom takes him to the grocery store late at night for some Ovaltine. God forbid one of the students sees this, they will all be scarred for life.

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  1. Dr. Scooter Van Neuter says:

    Parents, protect your children! Do whatever you need to do to homeschool them or send them to a morally upright school.

  2. These people are degenerates. But…parents keep delivering their kids to these groomers.

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