Target falsely accused of racism because certain high-theft products are locked up

Here we go again with another round of “everything is racist” when it’s not actually racist. Some random dude on TikTok accused Target of being racist because a certain product of a darker shade was locked up. Clearly this is because the product is constantly being stolen, so when this happens, most stores will put a theft protection device on it to prevent it from being stolen. You know, because that’s common sense.

This has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with loss prevention and the store trying not to lose money. But of course, some mentally challenged nimrod is going to call out racism because it fits their narrative and makes them feel better. Or you know, they get a lot of attention and ‘likes’ on TikTok, but then they probably realize later this was NOT the attention they should’ve been begging for – especially when people all over social media are mocking them for being WRONG about their accusation against Target.

So what happened? I’ll let DailyDot explain it, then we’ll defecate all over it like the good people we are.

A beauty TikToker calls out Target for being racist by only putting the darker shade of a beauty product in anti-theft cases.

The clip, which was posted by Eli Levi (@elileviofficial) on Friday, shows the beauty brand Versed’s Mood Lighting Luminizing Glow Drops, which is a tinted face serum akin to tanning drops. According to the product description, “superfine, light-reflecting pigments enhance skin’s natural glow while evening out the appearance of uneven tone.” The product comes in two shades: sheer bronzed and sheer golden. The former is a visibly slightly darker shade but the brand assures “both shades work well on almost all skin tones and can be mixed together.”

In the clip, the sheer bronzed products are locked in anti-theft cases while the sheer golden are left freely on the shelf.

So… if you ever worked in retail or have any working brain cells that function with even the smallest level of common sense, then you’d know, once again, that this is not racism. It’s just a store trying to stop the degenerate thieves from stealing their products, and it doesn’t matter what color, size, shape, or anything the product is. If you keep stealing it, they’re gonna lock it up! That’s that! That’s called common sense. I don’t know how else to explain it, but that’s what it is.

DailyDot continues – and don’t mock DailyDot for this, they’re a cool website. They just reported on what happened in the same way we are.

“Target, please explain to me why the lighter shades are perfectly out while the darker shades are packaged and security sealed,” says Levi in the clip. “That is racism at its finest in the beauty section at Target.”

Some commenters agreed with Levi: “Yup. they’ve been getting away with this for years. #shopsmall.”

“The way I GASPED @target you have some explaining to do bruh,” a TikToker wrote.

Other commenters defended Target. “I think they lock up whatever products get stolen most. so if that shade gets stolen more then they lock it up. not racism just a statistic.”

“Likely not to do with the shade but the item most stolen. Dark shades cover more than one race or ethnicity. You assumed race, why? Who?” Another TikToker wrote.

In the comments, Levi wrote: “if it wasn’t racist, they would have locked up both shades NOT JUST THE DARKER ONES! Y’all are not passing the vibe check…”



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Here’s a link to the stupidest video of the day if you want to watch it.

You know, it’s 2022 and we are getting dumber every day. Smart phones made us stupid. If it wasn’t for a smart phone with quick access to social media and apps, then this lunatic lady wouldn’t have posted this stupid nonsense about Target being racist when they’re NOT RACIST AT ALL!!!

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I just can’t stop shaking my head at how stupid people can be. It’s like every day there’s someone else who does something even more stupid than the previous day.

After all, we ended up with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House, proving we really ain’t that smart at all, are we? And if you voted for them, then you owe me an apology and 60 tanks of gas.

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  1. Since the stuff they lock up is the stuff that’s being stolen…it kind of tells one who the thieves are. LOL!

    1. Beauty girl says:

      Well theres your solid proof that People of Color are thieves. The colors most locked up for security are the same shades of make up, mainly brown and black colors. Evidence also shows the light colors are not stolen because People of NO Color don’t steal makeup. Congratulations girls of No Color for being honest and law abiding citizens.

  2. Dan Flaitz says:

    Target, the WOKE company that allowed trans men into ladies (and Little girls in there also) rooms. Good. Go woke go broke. I hope they steal them out of business. The knife they were cutting with just came back and is now cutting them. BRAVO Target. You own this one.

  3. I seriously believe we are living the movie Idiocracy!

  4. Charles B. Van Duzer says:

    So, it is racist to inhibit the ability of people to steal?

  5. LongTimeTexan says:

    Yall’s can’t stop me from stealin’ cause dat be racist.

  6. justsayin says:

    Data from Target’s loss prevention group would resolve this in an instant. One way, or the other. Release the numbers.

  7. Michigan J Frogg says:

    13/60…IDK, maybe that has something to do with it.

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