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Trending Views is a content community in which users help manage groups and submit content. We are a conglomerate of category-based groups that are created and managed by users. We allow users to write blogs, articles, and stories. We allow users to upload photographs, pictures, and videos. All users are responsible for their own content.

We are not a news provider, but many of our users write or blog about current events and the news. We remind users to focus on facts and cite their sources if they're talking about something in the news.

We have many users who like to provide commentary on current events, news, society topics, culture, entertainment, and other topics.

All views are welcome on this site. 

Trending Views has a content partner program which allows writers, video producers, and content creators/curators to earn a revenue share of our income.

Trending Views welcomes everyone to participate and write about news, politics, social issues, entertainment, business, and whatever else might interest them. Our category list is constantly updating, so check there and see what you like. Trending Views welcomes all opinions, from every perspective, and seeks to provide news articles filled with facts.

Trending Views follows Fair Use laws.

If you see anything that potentially violates this, then please report a DMCA by using the link at the bottom of this site. We will remove any violation immediately. This site has a lot of members and we remove things as soon as they are reported.

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