People are scanning pics with their dog and it’s just amazing

dog scanner

Are you bored and sitting home because your favorite watering hole is closed? Or maybe you have kids and you’re just chilling out doing random stuff to keep yourselves all entertained?

Well, now’s the perfect time to put that dusty scanner to use. Grab your pet, your kid, your houseplant, or even your significant other and give this a try.

You place both of your hands or paws on the scanner and see how it comes out.

However, I don’t suggest trying this if you’ve got an exotic pet like a black widow or perhaps a tiger like Joe Exotic. But if you’ve got the old fashioned cat or doggo, then you’re the perfect candidate.

Besides, when was the last time anyone used a scanner in the first place? I forgot this crumby old printer even had one. Maybe we can start faxing each other too.

Check out this video that will just melt your heart like a grilled cheese. It does not help that they added the sad “give us a quarter a day donation” style music to it, right!!??

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