PUBG has Taken Over Gaming and You Can't Stop It


If you're looking for a fresh take at an online shooter for Xbox or PC, then check out PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. It will probably remind you of an old school Battlefield meets GTA. Combine the battle royal scenario where you're stuck gutting it out with 99 other players and you're sure to figure out something hilarious and fun about the game.

It's only in the beta stages but has already broken some records with it reaching 3 million players playing at the same exact time. The movie Office Space said it best when they mentioned "2 chicks at the same time" but this is way bigger than that. Possibly better too. 3 million concurrent players. Can you imagine how stressed out those servers were? The insanity, glitches, and getting kicked out are all part of the experience that comes with PUBG. They're crushing the first person shooter market with their beta version and if they bring proximity chat into the mix, then it's going to be LIT AF OMG BBQ.

Just get the game already. You know you want to. If you're on Xbox One, then message me and let's squad up.

Here's a few videos of people playing. 

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