WARNING: Doctors say putting frozen potatoes in your butt will NOT cure hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids cannot be cured with potatoes. If you didn’t know this now, then this is your chance to take the warning of doctors trying to stop people from putting them up their anus thanks to people posting fake cures on the Internet.

Doctors revealed that they are getting increasingly concerned about patients who follow a risky home remedy that is being promoted on many websites. The sites claim that people who suffer from hemorrhoids should put a potato up their butt.

Medical experts emphasize that this won’t actually help with hemorrhoids.  “There is no medical evidence that putting frozen potatoes inside the anus can help cure piles, so I would urge caution to anyone thinking of doing it,” Dr. Diana Gall explains.

She went on to note that people suffering from piles should try to treat them at home, but shoving frozen potatoes up their butts is not the way to do it.

The doctor chose not to go into details regarding the potential negative effects of the controversial remedy, but there are enough cautionary tales to deter people from such risky endeavors.

“Piles often go away on their own after a few days, but there are some tried and trusted ways to keep them at bay,” she says. “You should drink plenty of fluids and maintain a fiber-rich diet and try having regular warm baths to ease itching and pain.”

She continues by advising those with hemorrhoids to visit their doctor if home remedies don’t relieve their symptoms. “Piles can be an irritating condition and sufferers are sometimes too embarrassed to seek professional helping, turning to old wives’ tales instead,” she says.

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The suggestion is based on the fact that potatoes have an astringent quality, which in theory might help to constrict tissue. In this case, this potato property won’t do the work.

These are some of the bizarre claims websites have made that were debunked by doctors. Take note, these next few things you’re about to read will NOT work and should NOT be tried. This is not medical or health advice whatsoever, but please have common sense and do not put potatoes up your anus.

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“Strange as it sounds . . . a poultice made from grated potato is astringent and soothing,” one website notes.

“Insert the frozen potato slice in your anus and leave it inside for 30 seconds,” another site said. “Repeat the process for three to five days. The next three to five days leave the slice inside for 30 seconds more each time. The potatoes have astringent properties and help relieve the pain and itchy sensation which usually happens with this condition, while the ice cold potato constricts the blood vessels, reduces the swelling and relieves your pain instantly.”

Doctors have frequently had to beg people to avoid putting food into orifices other than their mouths. Several British women needed to be reminded that putting ice pops inside their vagina won’t keep them cool during the summer.

If you ever wondered why we have directions on things that shouldn’t need directions, it’s because of people like this.

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