New date set for Playstation 5 event that was previously postponed

Sony Interactive Entertainment plans to launch the event for PlayStation 5. This is their second attempt to launch after it was postponed. 

VentureBeat reported that the company is currently planning to give a glimpse of PlayStation 5’s games this Thursday, at 1 p.m. Pacific time. They aim to offer fans and potential customers a closer look at the upcoming next-gen console software that can only be deemed as epic. 

Sony decided to continue to move ahead of their plan a week after its postponement. The event was supposed to be held last Thursday, June 4. However, the launch had to be canceled. This is in response to the protests that were happening in different parts of the United States. Sony Interactive Entertainment said that they would make matching donations for organizations that support the organizations against police brutality. 

PlayStation 5 will launch this Thursday, and the company is ensuring that it will happen. 

A previous report by VentureBeat covered Sony’s plan. The event will focus on games primarily from first-part and third-party studios. It is to be expected that a reveal will take place. The company plans to highlight its latest software, with it said to run natively on PlayStation 5. 

Sony made sure that the specific games in the spotlight have not reached the ears of nerd enthusiasts and other gaming websites. 

Sony’s event will clash with Microsoft’s spontaneous Xbox event. While Microsoft moved their event to August, the rivalry between PlayStation 5 and Xbox will still take place. Sony launching ahead of Microsoft changes the game once again. 

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