Trolls go after a nurse for ‘inappropriate’ scrubs but her response says it all

After being trolled on the internet for her hip-hugging scrubs that are deemed “inappropriate,” a nurse finally speaks out to defend herself and says she can’t catch a break online and she is not dressing to impress. 22-year-old, Erika Diaz showed off her medical uniform, which clearly defined her shapely figure and subsequently went viral on TikTok. She’s short and she’s got a figure, nothing wrong with that!

The clip amassed 12.7 million views, as Diaz stands in front of her camera in her scrubs, hitting back at people who call it “inappropriate” for work. After that, the clip cuts to images of how the scrubs are advertised online, proving her body has different proportions than the women in the photos.

Her caption read: “Some people just have an issue with my body not my scrubs and it shows…. Just for clarification I am 5’2” and 107 lbs I’m short and little, y’all can say my body is fake all y’all want it’s not, ask my back problems,” she wrote in a follow-up comment.

“I literally work 2 jobs, volunteer and I am still studying, I’m devoting my life to the improvement of others and anyone’s opinions are irrelevant,” Diaz added.

The critics suggested her outfit wasn’t “professional” and that she should just buy a “bigger” size.

One person commented: “You simply can buy a 1 bigger size to give you space for breath.”

“I’m an old school director. I’d never allow that on my floor, I don’t want to see nails, perfume or style, keep that at home where it belongs,” another commented.

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But, advocating for her to flaunt what she’s got without judgment, other followers had her back.

One user wrote: “She can’t help it that she’s snatched, let a fine woman live.”

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Another chime in, saying: “Can’t change what you have, doesn’t make it inappropriate.”

“Y’all wouldn’t have a problem with it if she had A cups,” another viewer stated.

“I ain’t remember the last time I cared what a NURSE looks like when they’re helping me … regardless if you’re a patient or an employee,” someone else argued.

Photo: screencap TikTok _erikamdiaz/Tiktok

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