NASCAR drivers have scary road rage incident during live race (video)

“Rubbin’ is racing,” as they say in NASCAR, but despite that, during this weekend’s New Hampshire race, Brad Keselowski and Austin Dillon took things a little too far. Dillon was clearly upset after Kyle Busch spun and brought out a caution flag, as he moved up the track, and intentionally bumped into Keselowski. After that, the former NASCAR champion retaliated by slamming back into Dillon hard enough to knock him off the track.

WATCH IT HAPPEN! The entire incident can be seen in this video at the 30-second mark:

While during a NASCAR race it is a normal thing for tempers to flare, there are a couple of reasons why this one was unusual. The first one is that it happened during a caution, and the second one is that nobody is quite sure why it happened at all, and it may have been over a misunderstanding.

Keselowski took the worst of it, suffering a flat right-front tire, while Dillon suffered some body damage.

It was unable to be determined by the USA broadcast team what led to the incident, and when they checked in with the crew chiefs for both drivers, neither knew why it started. Initially, Keselowski’s crew chief thought it might have just been a case of mistaken identity.

Matt McCall said: “No idea [what precipitated that]. We think that [Dillon] thinks we hit him, but we didn’t hit him.” What was clear is that whatever sent Dillon over the top had been brewing for a while, something he made clear after the race.

“We’ve gone at it a couple of times the last two years. One time, I hit really hard. I just don’t like the way certain people race me. Probably not the right way to do it under a caution,” said Dillon.

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A wreck during last year’s Michigan race is the “really hard” incident that Dillon is referring to, when Keselowski got into the side of Dillon, causing him to spin and slam head-first into the wall.

Keselowski didn’t want to comment on the incident after this week’s race, saying he would talk to Dillon in private.

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And when Dillon was asked if he would talk to Keselowski, he replied, “Nah, I don’t talk to him.”

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