Mutant League Football Makes Epic Return 25 Years Later


In 1993, a game called Mutant League Football made its debut for the Sega Genesis. It was developed by an indie studio based in Chicago called Digital Dreams. The game featured mutants and monsters playing football and brandishing a new style of explosive, action-driven gameplay to kill, injure and maim opponents to win games. Gamers loved it because it was just a fun-loving game without all the seriousness of real football.

After 25 years, the game is making a return. It will launch on January 19 and released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game launched earlier for the Windows PC during Halloween in 2017 and will look to fulfill creator Michael Mendheim’s promise of making football just like it used to be in the 90s.

The game will also feature voice-over acting by Tim Kitzrow. The same guy who made screams of "He's on fire!" or "He's heating up!" and "Boomshakalaka!" so memorable in the basketball game NBA Jams.

But that isn’t the only thing new with Mutant Football League’s evolution. Mendheim mentions that Digital Dreams will publish a free update to the game sometime in February or March which will bring a lot of new features and improvements to the game.

There will be a multi-season dynasty mode available in the update, with which a player can take control of one of the 18 teams and then build them into a mutant powerhouse. The update will also feature a customizable playbook where the user will be given “dirty tricks” to beat the CPU team.

The dirty tricks are something Mutant League fans will be familiar with. The game that’s being published by Nighthawk Interactive, will feature these tricks as a way of cheating themselves to a win. These tricks will also feature the ability to bribe the referee or even murder him if things don’t go your way. It can turn the tide of the game in a matter of few seconds and bring you back to winning ways. It also makes the scoreline somewhat irrelevant, since a losing team can still win a match by killing opposing so players so that team has to forfeit the match.

Keeping in mind the community’s feedback, Mendheim went on Kickstarter to raise funds for building the game. “We fulfilled every Kickstarter promise — well, with the exception that we have to add demons and werewolves; We’re building our models now and should have them in the game soon,” he said of the game developed on a shoestring budget.

These addendums too will be available as a free update later in the process. The community wanted a console game and that’s what the makers decided to bring as the game evolved. 

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