Man raises over $500K for St. Jude by playing video games for 24-hours


A videogamer named DrLupo has raised over $500,000 in donations for St. Jude and fight childhood cancer by playing video games for 24 hours. He's a popular gamer on the Twitch platform where users can live stream their video games and interact with fans. His game of choice for the 24-hour binge was the ever popular Fortnite, a first person shooter that mixes elements of building in a battle royale gametype.

DrLupo has over two million fans on Twitch and has already passed 31 million views on his videos and channel - numbers that any new streamer would surely admire. What's to admire most is his willingness to use his popularity to give back to the community/charity of his choice. He also has a goal of pulling in over a million!

Variety reported that "earlier this year, he raised more than $730,000 for St. Jude in a variety of ways. He brought in a total of $659,000 during GuardianCon, a week-long, 24-hour a day gaming event in Tampa, Fla. His stream raised $350,000 in just four hours, the highest of any single session during the event. He also raised money via a t-shirt campaign and a “Fortnite” charity event called #Clips4Kids. Now, he wants to surpass $1 million with Saturday’s livestream. 

“Giving back has been a huge part of who I am on Twitch ever since I started streaming,” Lupo said. “Any opportunity I have to promote helping the greater good is something that I enjoy being a part of.”

Anyone who frowns upon the gaming community should think twice about what they really bring to the table. Despite playing on Xbox live and finding out how many people have slept with your mom, there is a completely different side of the community who is focused on having fun and doing wonderful things.

DrLupo is really cool for raising this much money for charity. It speaks volumes about a person and company when they have a big heart and give back like this.

No wonder he has so many awesome followers!

You can follow and watch him live streaming on the DrLupo Twitch channel

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