Horrible multi-person fight at school prompts debate for more armed security

A fight involving several people took place in what appears to be a high school that prompted the debate for more armed security. The video shows one person who looks like a full grown man throw a smaller student across a cafeteria table, sparking others to get involved.


It’s very unclear what happened before the camera began filming and what the smaller person did to deserve being thrown across a table, if they did anything at all. It’s unclear if they had a dispute of some sort, or if this smaller person was simply being bullied, but it does appear like the guy wasn’t quite sure what was about to happen, as he appeared defenseless being thrown across a table like that.

Others jumped in, but they weren’t able to help too much as the bearded aggressor, who looks like an adult, seemed to overpower them.

This makes some critics want more armed security in schools so they can respond to these incidents quickly and put an end to them before someone gets seriously hurt.

Do you support having armed security in all schools? Would you want armed security to jump into the middle of a fight and stop it, or let the students figure it out on their own? What disciplinary action is best for this offense?

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