Man gives scammer a taste of his own, has them furious and freaking out (video)

Meet Kitboga, a Youtuber and a Twitch streamer who has made a name for himself as a scam baiter. What used to be a fun hobby turned into a full-time gig for the young man. He was motivated after his grandmother fell victim to an online scam aimed at the elderly. Nowadays, the young man gets his revenge on his own terms.


Kitboga searches for scammers online, contacts them, and keeps them occupied for hours while remaining anonymous by using a virtual machine. Furthermore, he employs a VPN to avoid detection by scammers. Scammers pose as operators who want to assist customers with any problems they may be having with their online purchases or similar issues. He lets them inside his phony computer, convincing them that they can see everything he does and clicks on.

This is when Kitboga begins to use his fake voice, ignores the fake operator, and does what he does best – hold back his laughter while wasting scammers’ time to create amusing videos. Some consider Kitboga to be a hero who wastes scammers’ time in order to prevent them from scamming others.

In one of his videos, Kitboga creates a bogus bank account and spends thousands of dollars on phony merchandise in a fake Amazon store in front of the scammers who are attempting to steal his money. “Every purchase makes them squirm,” Kitboga notes before the video starts playing.

He poses as an elderly man purchasing fishing equipment online, and scammers are supposed to receive a refund. They have no idea that Kitboga will go above and beyond to infuriate them. While the scammers try to convince “the old man” to enter his user ID and password so they can see it, he goes on and on about a fishing boat and lures, completely ignoring the person on the other side of the line.

After pranking the scammers and putting the most interesting bits in a 14-minute long video, Kitboga reminds his fans that they do matter and are valuable. Stay safe – that’s his message.

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