Kareem Hunt yanked out of Madden 19 after video emerges of him fighting a girl


The gender pay gap might be fake and women have all of the same equal rights as men, but maybe millionaire star running back of the Kansas City Chiefs shouldn't have gotten himself caught up in a slap fight with a female. Even worse, it was caught on tape. After the tape emerged, the company behind the Madden 19 football game yanked him off the roster as well.

Hunt is not currently playing in real life or video game life after EA Sports removed him. Bleacher Report stated, "EA Sports is removing Kareem Hunt from its Madden 19 video game on the heels of a video being released showing the former Kansas City Chiefs running back knocking a woman to the ground and kicking her at a Cleveland hotel in February. Per USA Today's Eli Blumenthal, a spokesperson for EA Sports confirmed Hunt would no longer be a playable character in the latest iteration of the popular series. "We are in the process of removing Kareem Hunt from the Madden NFL 19 roster, Madden Overdrive and Madden Ultimate Team," the spokesperson said."

Well isn't that something?

Blumenthal was also told that any customer who has Hunt on the "Ultimate Team" roster will get a generic player to replace Hunt. The generic player will have identical stats. That doesn't sound very generic if you ask me. It will just be the player formerly known as Hunt, but everyone will know it was him, so what exactly is the point of going through that trouble?

Here's the video with coverage by TMZ.


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