Home Depot just couldn’t wait, they’re already selling Hocus Pocus Halloween inflatables

Halloween seems to be just around the corner for The Home Depot, but it’s only July for the rest of us! The retail chain has recently launched its Halloween inventory, which includes inflatables themed after the famous movie Hocus Pocus.

One decorative piece is 6.5 feet long and depicts the three Sanderson Sisters—Winifred, Mary, and Sarah—holding hands while standing atop a rock that reads, “I put a spell on you this Halloween.”

More ornaments inspired by the witch trio are available to buyers. An inflatable item of Winifred Sanderson, portrayed by Bette Midler in the 1993 movie, is 3.5 feet tall. Winifred holds a pumpkin saying, “Gather ‘Round Sisters.”

The lawn decoration with all three Sanderson sisters is priced at $149, while the single inflatable has a retail price of just under $35.

Apparently, The Home Depot ornaments come ahead of the Hocus Pocus sequel to the original movie. The film will start streaming on Disney+ on September 30.

Disney proudly unveiled the first Hocus Pocus 2 teaser trailer. In it, 76-year-old Bette Midler makes a comeback alongside Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy as witches eager to steal the souls of Salem, Massachusetts, kids to attain their goal of endless youth.

The plot shows two teens, played by Whitney Peak and Belissa Escobedo, who bring the wicked sisters back to life. The third teen that teams up with Peak and Escobedo’s characters to fight the Sanderson Sisters is played by Lilia Buckingham (Dirt).

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Anne Fletcher directs, and Adam Shankman produces the Hocus Pocus sequel. Other cast members include Hannah Waddingham, Doug Jones, and Froylan Gutierrez.

A production source claimed that the returning cast acted as though no time had passed while shooting the sequel.

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“Bette’s energy is the same as when she starred in the original. If anything, she raises the stakes,” the insider revealed.

The source added that “all feel like it’s about time [the sequel] happens, and they wish they had done it sooner. The chemistry between the cast was still there.”

“Hocus Pocus fans will not be disappointed,” the insider said. “All of their favorite characters from the first movie return and then some.”

Bette Midler is mentioned in related news:

Unhinged actress Bette Midler has gone off the deep end once again, this time suggesting that Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Newt Gingrich should be hauled away in handcuffs and thrown in jail. She also demanded that Rupert Murdoch have his American citizenship revoked, since he was born in Australia, but she clearly hates him just about as much as she hates herself if she’s rich and famous and still spending her time on social media crying about other people.

Tucker Carlson voiced his concerns in this video, and that just might have ticked off Bette Midler – but she’s been known to be quite a circus act on her own, so we can’t really blame Tucker for her being crazy – she’s just always been a nutjob since Trump was president for a term.

Bette Midler said: “#tuckercarlson should be arrested and tried for sedition and fomenting insurrection. #Murdoch should have his citizenship revoked; the damage he continues to do to our democracy will soon become irreparable. #NewtGingrich should be clapped in irons for getting him past the #FCC.”

Photo credit: The Home Depot

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