The infamous ‘Hold My Beer’ meme may have originated in this 1959 cartoon (video)

There’s a good chance you’ve heard or seen the Hold My Beer meme all across the Internet, movies, social media, etc. Either way, you’ve probably seen it and if you haven’t – well then now you have! Someone pointed out that the first recorded example of the Hold my Beer meme comes from a classic Looney Tunes cartoon back in 1959 and we have the video.

WATCH the Hold My Beer meme in the video:

This cartoon was called Wild and Woolly Hare and the plot is described as the following: “In the town of Canasta Flats in 1889, past the Last Chance Saloon and the Next to the Last Chance Saloon, patrons are gathered in the Fat Chance Saloon. A mustached cowboy tells his friend that he hears Yosemite Sam is in town, and the friends makes up an excuse about leaving a cake in the oven and flee. After Injun Joe hears another cowboy tell his friend about Sam being the “fastest gun west of the Pecos,” he states all that is true, because Sam never met him. When the sheriff sees Sam coming into town and a brown mustached customer sees him heading to the Fat Chance Saloon, Injun Joe asks the customer to hold his beer so he can have a showdown against Sam. After Injun Joe is shot, the customer happily downs the beer, saying he always gets it for free that way. As Sam approaches, everybody flees.”

The cartoon was made for adults, but still faced some censorship issues since there was drinking and card games involved, and people didn’t think that children should see that as much, despite the show NOT technically being made for them. But of course, when there’s cartoons anywhere, best believe kids are watching them.

There’s a lot more to the story as Fandom puts it, but you can read that on your own if you want to. This just goes to show you that a lot of the funny things we say or write today is not very new – they just weren’t called memes back in the day.

Photo: Youtube screencap

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