Don’t disrespect people at their house: Man got warned, but kept coming, things turned for the worse

Two guys are in the street and looks like it could get physical, so naturally – it does. One guy is mad and thinks the other guy is disrespecting him at his own house and doesn’t like that the guy is now getting in his face. The one man, who’s name seems to be Gabe, got a few warnings and had chances to leave, but didn’t want to. That’s when things turned for the worse and it’s on video.

WATCH what happens:

As it turns out, Gabe should have left. The other man, who’s name appears to be Adrian, did not seem to like Gabe very much.

A young lady was trying to intervene which is always a bad idea. Women should never get in the middle of men fighting. Half the time they end up getting whacked and the rest of the time they’re just annoying. This lady is lucky someone didn’t strike her by accident or push her out of the way, although it doesn’t seem like ol’ Gabe over there was going to do much and Adrian seems to know her.

It’s not clear what happened right up until the point where cameras started rolling, but it does seem like Gabe had some options to leave. However, Gabe seems like he wanted to prove himself physically, but this just wasn’t the right time for it as he left the scene somewhat bloody and beaten.

Also, Adrian informs the people who are nearby that he’s a “real n*gga” and that was probably all Gabe needed to hear as a warning.

It’s unclear if these guys are friends who had a bad night, or a guest of a party, or really anything at all.

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We don’t know anything about exactly why they’re getting into a physical confrontation, or who else was involved.

All we have is the video and speculations.

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