Major Gaming Legend Debunked As A FRAUD After 25 Years


You may be thinking that video games are probably trendy today and that it is great that they got so popular, but did you know that is not the first time it happened? Well, before the great game crash in 1983, video games were incredibly popular, and since most of the games were based on high scores, there were numerous contests. With the high score system and no real proof required besides some very low-quality photos to prove your worth to be called number one, someone had to exploit the system. 

That someone is Todd Rogers, a man who had hundreds of high scores under his name for a very long time. Todd Rogers, or better known as Activision due to over 1700 scores on the number one spot. At the time, even if there were various tournaments, and these scores helped him become a bit famous, nobody thought that one day he would receive a place in the Guinness World Records. He was rewarded for a 5.51 speed in Activision’s Dragster which is still a legendary unbeaten time today. How come nobody defeated his high score in over 25 years? 

Well, that’s because he’s a cheater. Today, with the power of the internet, it is quite easy to find out who’s cheating due to all the video editing software. The idea of someone exploring this whole thing was based on a video where Todd Rogers tried to play Activision’s Dragster today, only to display that he can’t even get close to his world record time. After that, some people decided to simulate the game with a TAS bot, which is a bot speedrunning the game in perfect frames set up by the programmer. The TAS managed to get the time of 5.57 only, and that is when the developers were contacted. As the developers decided to do a simulation of their own, they discovered that the best time in Activision’s Dragster is 5.55. 

This caused a real commotion in the speedrunning community, and people started to explore deeper and deeper into the high scores of Todd Rogers. Hundreds of his records have been debunked, either because there was no footage or because the game just cannot award you with a score like that. The best example is that he still claims that he has a 15 million points high score on Donkey Kong, while most professional players today can only go around 1 million.

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