12 funny pics I can completely relate to

doggy in a hat

Here are 12 funny pictures that I can completely relate to. Don’t you dare put another dish in the sink when I am already mostly done washing them all by hand and you left a giant chunk of dinner meat on there and didn’t even finish your meal!

In fact, just be glad you got a meal this year!

Anyone who doesn’t use wrapping paper tubes as swords needs to seriously try it and get back to me later. You will not be disappointed unless you’re actually trying to slice a watermelon, in which case you will be seriously disappointed. That doesn’t work, but battling with your toddler does and you’re definitely going to lose. Toddlers have no chill.

When the restrictions and lock-downs are over and the bars open up again, you can picture me standing there looking like the primate I am, one leg up asking every dame “do you come here often” and getting rejected as usual. Meh, at least I have you guys and these funny memes.

Anyway, I’m off to go win arguments in the shower with my shampoo bottle. Yes, I only have one, and it washes literally everything because I’m guy and we just use one soap for all. Have a good day!!

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