Man flees police in KAYAK, but it goes horribly wrong and people can’t stop laughing

According to Hokes Bluff Police Chief Tyler Roe, an Attalla man faces burglary, theft and other misdemeanor charges despite an attempt to escape officers by taking a stolen kayak down the Coosa River. This is just the beginning as it takes an even funnier turn that caused critics to laugh out loud.

Reporting that the man was spotted stealing a lawn mower and leaf blower on Shaw Street, the Police got a call from people on Caddell Circle. They confronted the man and he fled after they called 911, and he attempted to make his getaway on the river, via a stolen kayak.

But the kayak flipped, so he did not go very far, so he started swimming to the bank, where officers were waiting for him near Walker Drive. He was tackled by Hokes Bluff and Glencoe officers, and taken into custody.

The man faces three counts of theft of property (first- third- and fourth-degree), two counts of burglary and misdemeanors including attempt to elude and resisting arrest.

Officers spent a good portion of one day dealing with the theft suspect as residents spotted him going from one back yard or shed to another, Roe said.

The chief said that the Police found a suspect vehicle that morning in the area and towed it. Roe said: “We caught the car before we caught him,” and that was the reason the suspect gave for the subsequent thefts.

The chief said: “It was his girlfriend’s car and he was trying to get some stuff so he could get money to get it out of impound.” Roe said police got calls from one resident after another, after the car was towed, as they spotted the man in their area.

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Early in the afternoon, residents confronted him and he took to the water. Officers tracked him from the bank, Roe said. “They’d have eyes on him, then lose him, then catch sight of him again,” he said.

The chief said that the suspect traveled about a mile by river before the kayak flipped and he had to come ashore.

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Roe said also that the Etowah County Sheriff’s Office was on the way with its boat planning “to meet him head on,” but he flipped before they got in the water.

“This was a prime example of ‘If you see something, say something. Although I don’t recommend citizens confronting criminals, I’m proud of the community members banding together and getting officers the information they needed to track this criminal and make an arrest,” said Roe.

He was grateful as well for the help from Glencoe police and the ECSO, he said.

“Hopefully, this sends a message to anyone thinking Hokes Bluff is an easy target to prey on,” said Roe.

The chief said that the department has officers on duty round-the-clock, resources to handle any situation and citizens, who aren’t afraid to confront and report suspects.

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