Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2 are trash, time to take them out


I don't know what the staff at Bungie was smoking when they put enhancement cores into Destiny 2, but they completely wasted our time and the cores are screwing over casual gamers and making updating weapons take 99 years longer than it should. The Dawning was cool because you were cooking up some fictional recipes in that Guardian style Easy Bake oven, but even that was borderline silly. While it was silly, it was also rewarding because we gained a ton of enhancement cores and weapons from vendors, but that's all over and we're back to dismantling weapons or getting lucky when an enhancement core finally drops.

Sounds like I'm complaining, right? I am. I'm literally wearing my cry baby pants right now as the tears pour out because it's taking absolutely forever to upgrade every weapon and I'm kinda just tired of playing at this point. I get on Twitch for several hours per week and you can watch and be miserable with me. Or we can play another game entirely, you see, because I'm just getting bored over here as it takes longer than usual to upgrade weapons.

Last game we would upgrade fairly quick if we did the raid and such, but that's when we could just dismantle any weapon or armor that was a higher light level and boom - upgrade done. Now if we want to masterwork something, that's different. I can understand if masterworks require enhancement cores, but I really think Bungie needs to do away with regular weapon upgrades requiring the core.

At this rate of play, several hours per week, it's still taking way too long.

Just imagine if you're a casual player who can only play once in a while. You won't ever get the chance to fully upgrade. Destiny 3 will be released by the time you finally upgrade and by then it's useless.

Paul Tassi over at Forbes doesn't like them either. He wants them removed as well because they're just not good for the game. The enhancement cores are actually annoying. They're just as bad as the kid who raises his hand at 3pm to ask more questions and the teacher tells everyone to sit down. All you want to do is clam punch them, same thing I want to do to enhancement cores.

I think the cores are fine to masterwork weapons, but ditch them for regular upgrades.

Here's what Paul said over at Forbes:

I simply do not see the upside to the core system. It does not slow down the race to max level for hardcore players, only for casuals. It limits build diversity under the guise of “meaningful choice.” 
It hamstrings the masterwork system because the currency is shared across two wildly different types of upgrades. It adds another grind that is not fun and that the game does not need in its current state with plenty of other things to do.
Take them out. Just…take them out. You will be able to hear the community's celebrations for miles.

I agree.

Do you?

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