Elon Musk’s father admits having SECOND child with stepdaughter (what a total creep!!!)

Errol Musk, the World’s richest man’s lusty father, has finally revealed he sired a secret second love child with Jana Bezuidenhout, his glamorous stepdaughter. Errol, the Musk patriarch, who is 76-years-old, welcomed the baby girl with Jana, 35 years old, back in 2019, but only confirmed the news now, saying: “The only thing we are on Earth for is to reproduce.”

Errol and Jan already share a 5-year-old boy, Elliot Rush, born in 2017. Clearly, Errol shares his most famous son’s hearty desire to procreate, with his admission coming just a week after it was revealed that Elon, at his artificial intelligence company Neuralink, fathered two children with an executive, weeks before his second child with his ex-girlfriend Grimes was born.

Errol has told the publication that he and Jan are no longer living together, citing their 41-year age gap, while also admitting that Jana’s pregnancy was “unplanned.”

“It’s not practical. She’s 35. Eventually, if I’m still around, she might wind up back with me,” he said.

“Any man who marries a [younger] woman, even if you feel very sprightly, it’s going to be nice for a while, but there’s a big gap … and that gap is going to show itself,” he added.

The family tree of the Musks is quite complicated and is growing more so by the day, as Errol has seven children, while Elon has fathered 10 offspring.

Errol hadn’t asked Jana for a paternity test to make sure he was the father of their now-3-year-old, he admitted by saying: “I haven’t checked her DNA. But she looks just like my other daughters… So it’s pretty obvious, you know.”

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The wealthy businessman stated, however, that there are other women claiming that he has also fathered their children.

“I have about six people, women who claim that their child is my child right now. Obviously, they are opportunists. [But] there was a period in Johannesburg in the ’80s that I was going out with a different woman every night. I had plenty of dates. So it’s quite conceivable that one of them could actually come back and say, ‘This is your child.’ It’s possible,” Errol stated.

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As for the possibility of having more children in the future, the elderly patriarch says he hasn’t ruled that option out, saying: “If I could have another child, I would. I can’t see any reason not to.”

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