Early Xbox Scorpio Looks Tiny But Packs 4K Power


Xbox Scorpio has been named as one of the most powerful consoles of this console generation. With it's 4K power it's sure to blast other consoles out right now in competition with it well out of the water.

Let's take a look at what the Xbox Scorpio has inside. 

The GPU is at 40 commute right now in the Xbox One S but in the newer console Xbox Scorpio they are putting in 44 commute. The console will have twice as much GDDR5 RAM with 24 GB and there will also be a 1TB solid-state drive which will give developers a lot to play about with to make it as easy as they possibly can to hit the high steady frame rates with 4K visuals.

Developers are looking at coming in higher and tuning down over coming in lower and having to tune up. It's much easier for them to tune down and helps give them better quality in their games.


Xbox Scorpio is quite powerful, and its dev kits even moreso: the GPU has 44 compute units instead of 40, it has twice as much GDDR5 RAM at 24GB, and an extra 1TB solid-state drive offers extra-fast storage in addition to the regular 1TB hard drive. Microsoft is giving developers that extra headroom to make it as easy as possible to shoot for high, steady frame rates with 4K-worthy visuals. “At a high level, it's much easier for a game developer to come in higher and tune down, than come in lower and tune up," Xbox Core Platform group program manager Kevin Gammill explained to Gamasutra.

Looking at the Xbox Scorpio you will see just how small the console is also looking, it's seems to be much smaller compared to the Xbox One and also when comparing it with the Xbox One S it seems to be a little more smaller still but may be slightly taller.

Scorpio is the smallest console in this console for Xbox so far. Small in size, but big in power which is why developers will likely target the 4K capability.

Despite the fact it looks to be smaller in size, that is not stopping Microsoft from placing more USB ports on the console. With 3 more USB ports on it's front side this will be welcomed by all gamer's. Who doesn't need more USB ports?

Gamers will complaining about how small this newest console from Microsoft will be since many Xbox gamer's have been complaining for a while now about the size of the console compared to other consoles.

With the specifications of Xbox Scorpio so far it's looking like we will not be disappointed with their next release, the only thing we may be disappointed with may be the price it will launch at being it's a very powerful console. 4K gaming may just make up for the price though and if it runs as fast as they say it will, it definitely should be worth every penny.

What are your thoughts on Xbox Scorpio? Are you excited to finally see more powerful console hitting the market with added 4K visuals?  

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