Destiny's Iron Banner on delay; people may go outside


Destiny Guardians can't wait to get into their monthly Iron Banner multiplayer mode, but this month Bungie is on a delay because of tech issues. Guardians on Xbox and PlayStation must be patient, but sometimes that?s a little more difficult than you think!  

Bungie's Tweet about the Iron Banner delay.

Bungie states that Destiny will require technical work on 6/28/2016. They will work from 11 AM EST and hopefully done by 5 PM EST.

VG247 ? ?We have work to do before it can begin,? Bungie said, which is not at all surprising. After all, Iron Banner was cancelled after issues prevented players joining Trials of Osiris matches. There?s clearly been some sort of issue with Destiny?s PvP matchmaking which last week?s Destiny hot fix may not have fully ironed out. Oh! An accidental pun.

Why didn't Bungie fix this in advance?

First of all, why didn't Bungie fix Iron Banner the day or weekend before it launches? Iron Banner comes once a month for all the try-hards to get sweaty underpants as they play against people of a much lower level. Hey, look at that level 298 with the Khostov!? I try hard too sometimes but in a much different way. I try really hard to turn the Xbox off. Once I?m hooked on it, that's it. There?s no going back until about 6 am. I?m a night owl, so you'll see me on Xbox Live from 3 am until 6 or 7. 

Warning about Iron Banner

If anyone goes into Iron Banner, then bring a team if you want a fighting chance to win. Going into Iron Banner as a solo is like walking into a Smurf party full of blueberries with low IQ and no concept of the game. It gets so bad that sometimes you wonder if YOU'RE the blueberry smurf running in the wrong direction and not playing the objective. Remember Guardians, play the objective or get out! 

Update. Some people have responded quite positively to the delay of IB. This was hilarious. 

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